The first time I heart about the name, el Willy, was during my last Shanghai trip. His fame is out in Shanghai largely by his Spanish cuisine in the Bond area. It's a shame that I don't have chance to try it there, while it is such a surprise that I could do it here in Hong Kong. FoFo by el Willy, actually, has run in Hong Kong for 4 years already while it recently renovates a lot with a fresh while playful menu and the new appearance of the two-floor dining and lounge. FoFo's location is kind of tricky, it is said to be in Central, even in LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) but it is on the rooftop (20/F) of the LKF building, which just offers a hidden corridor to the lift and has a small badge of FoFo's name downstairs.

Guess that's why I must blog this Spanish restaurant now :P

Spanish G&T $108
(On of the most popular drink in Barcelona | London No.1 Gin, Chambord, fever tree tonic, strawberries & juniper berries, served in a ballon glass with a twist)

I arrived a bit late while others were enjoying the breath-taking view at the rooftop lounge of FoFo. We were seated at the corner where was rounded by the semi-transparent glass; at the back is the always-busy corner of LKF (old 7-11 gathering point beside Big-Pizza); in the right, is the sparkling shining view of the Peak and the orange car-path to it; in the front and in the left, is of course the most luxury view of all lighted-up Central commercial buildings, which you could even have a glimpse of those finance-focus offices.

The dining area is downstairs, which just finished restaurant renovation. Now it's a purely white paradise with many fluffy cute birds. The restaurant name 'FoFo' actually means 'fat' in Spanish, and in FoFo, it is specially used to describe those cute birds. It inspired my memory of Barcelona, where a lot sea birds, sunshine and smiling people there. A feeling of always happy and positive-energy was stimulated by the new dining decoration a lot. And I guess the big man behind this restaurant, el Willy, who also comes from Barcelona, would be proud of it.

Oyster with lime & chili granita $30 / piece

Oyster is nothing special here, the quality is quite stable as its source, while they made sauce themselves which took lime juice as base. Overall flavor was quite fresh and active, pairing with a little chili spicy, the oyster contained its original raw style while we had a lighter version of sour & spicy additional.

Jamon $360
Hand sliced Iberico ham with Barcelona style crystal bread

36 month Iberico ham, it was one the best I have tried in Hong Kong. A balance of everything from taste to texture, gave me a speechless feeling. Probably every one has his favorite part of dried ham, for me, the perfect part must be the first-second that I put ham in my mouth, and the tongue could experience the dried, hard, salty ham turned to moisture, soft and savory. 

Explosive Smoked Salmon Air Bag $30 / piece

I love this little tapas so much and I love every part of it. Let me split it down.

It's salmon moisturised by little olive oil, actually nothing too special for the top part, which is familiar to each of you who has been used to good quality salmon dish. However, the Air Bag is such amazing creation. Remember when you take the Indian pancake, or thin Italian pizza, the narrowly over-baked dough paste has few bubbles on the top of plain dough? That's what it is! In this lovely crispy 'bag' is a revised sour cream which tasted cheesy, milky in a fine-tuned sourness.

Bikini $50 / piece
Barcelona style bread with Iberico Ham, Black Truffle, Mozzarella & Arugula

Typically Barcelona dish and just by its looking, I was overwhelmed. You can tell how crispy and warmly-cheesy those triangle breads are, just by looking! Inside, the flavor was lead by Iberico Ham for sure, while another two (black truffle & cheese) are also outstanding, and three of them worked perfectly to create a deep-deep savory-cheese taste.

Sangria $75

I love Sangria, especially in red. I have tried some different versions, from low-alcohol till a rosy-sweet topped with foam version, from Hong Kong to Shanghai. I should say FoFo's Sangria was top 3. I love its alcohol taste outstanding but not too strong, and with a comparable lower level of sweetness. 

Scallop Ceviche with Avocado & Crispy Shallots $98

It's a frequent-presenting dish in Spanish cuisine/restaurant, which combines the ingredients which are welcomed to most of people here. The watering but centrally-hard scallop was the most important part, which gave the sea-freshness and natural-sweetness.

King Crab Salad with Green Apple, Pine Nuts and Brasil Sorbet $108

Crab sweet doubled with fried pine nuts, yum-yum and no more comments :)

Catalan Style Monk Fish Stew $288

Instead of fresh tiger prawn, it's dried small ones, which had more intensive flavor, paring with largely chopped fish fillet, we just could not stop eating (even not let those spinach go).

Spanish Hot Tuna $248

It's one of the best presentation throughout the whole dinner and it performed quite in its standard. Soft tuna and a mixtured taste sour cream.

Stuffed & Roasted Baby Chicken with Manchego Cheese, Miced Iberico Pork, Pine Nuts & Porccini Mushrooms $328

It's a big deal, and even the mushroom side-dish could kill half space of my stomach for its very-heavy and cheesy soup. The baby chicken is covered by its incredible roasted orange skin, while it turned to be less juicy as I expected. 

Veal Rack $388

A meaty-meaty dish which also cannot be lack of cheese. On the top, a slice of dry cheese stimulated the juicy and greasy experience of the veal rack. The meat was just melting itself in my mouth, as the impressive flavorsome juice bumping everywhere (in the mouth of course :D)

Churros $75

Spanish night, how can't we have churros! To be honest, I haven't found the equal-quality churros in Hong Kong as I have tried in Barcelona, probably the best one was in Zafran. FoFo's churros was soft, fresh warm, but still lacked the tensive and elastic texture in the central of churros, however, the chocolate dip from FoFo, was the best in Hong Kong! It's sticky, thick, warm, full of pure chocolate & coco. 

Traditional Spanish Ice-cream Sandwich $48 / piece

It's strawberry and mint, which either of them tasted outstanding, and the sandwich biscuit was in a softer and moisturer version which was not what I was looking for.

In average, FoFo is a Spanish/Barcelone/Catalan fine dining restaurant while offering a modern-city casual & easy environment. What I love most is not only the amazing dishes, but also the impressive brightening dining space and that incredible rooftop terrace!!!

20/F M88
2-8 Wellington Street
Hong Kong

+852 2900 2009

Mon to Sun. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6.30pm - 11pm

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