what time to take the most healthy bath?

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Cold weather, a comfortable hot bath can remove fatigue, it is full of energy. Many people like to take a bath before going to bed, some people like to wake up after bathing, in the end what time to take the most healthy bathEvery vape lover wishes to shop for the best thick oil vape cartridge. How do you know which one can hold thick E-juice? Well, the trick is to choose the 
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In fact, the bathing time depends on the specific circumstances, from the type of skin to contact with pollutants, are all factors to be considered.

Suitable for morning bathing people

1, oily skin people

Fat will accumulate at night, while taking a bath in the morning can well clean the pores.

2, sweating more people at night

Tania Kemeili, a dermatologist in Los Angeles, said that if you sweat more at night, it would be better to take a bath in the morning.

3, used to get up early

Wake up after a bath, can make people refreshed, full of energy to start the day's work.

4, no contact with people who have too much bacteria

One of the biggest benefits of bathing at night is the removal of dirt that has accumulated on the body throughout the day.

If you drive to work, the office has central air conditioning, you do not need to do too much cleaning at night, simply wash your face and face, changing clothes on the line.

5, people who need shaving in the morning

For men, bathing in the morning softens beard and shaving becomes smoother.

Suitable for people who take a shower at night

1, dry skin people

For people with eczema and dry skin, the nerves on their skin are calmer at night, when bathing is most appropriate.

2, make-up during the day

If the daytime makeup, bathing at night is particularly important, hot water bath and a continuous flow of water to better remove residues.

3, people who exercise during the day

If the daytime exercise or in a very active state, you should take a bath at night, thoroughly wash perspiration.

But do not wash too much times, or it will make the skin over dry, or even chapped, causing infection.

4, need to calm down before going to sleep people

Bathing before going to bed can be soothing, relaxation, help to sleep.

5, the surrounding environment is more polluted

People working in the construction industry or living in cities with severe air pollution should shower at night.

6 taboos when taking a bath

Take a hot shower, is a very pleasant thing. However, if the washing time is too long, the water temperature is too high, it may not be a good thing, take a bath with the following six taboos need attention.

Avoid eating, fasting

Take a bath immediately after a meal, will make less blood flow to the digestive tract, impede food digestion and absorption, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Fasting will cause hypoglycemia, lack of blood supply to the brain, can lead to syncope.

In addition, the drink should not take a bath, otherwise it will lead to blood pressure, dizziness, weakness, and even cause heart disease or stroke.

Bathing time should be about 1 hour after a meal is appropriate.

Avoid water temperature is too high

Water temperature is too high will make the body's skin and blood vessels significantly dilate, so that a large number of blood flow to the body's skin, leading to cardiac ischemia and hypoxia.

Especially with coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular disease elderly, water temperature can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular burden, causing shock.

Avoid too long

Dr Angari Mahto of the British Skin Foundation said hot water during bathing can cause a lot of irritation to the skin. The longer the shower time, the harder the skin is. Experts suggest that the bath should not exceed 20 minute.

For cardiovascular patients, bathing time is too long, easy to make people tired, easy to cause heart ischemia, hypoxia. In severe cases, will lead to coronary artery spasm, thrombosis, and even induce arrhythmia and sudden death.

Bogey hard to rub

The stratum corneum and lipid membrane on the surface of the skin together form the barrier layer of the skin, which can not only protect the body from external damage, but also prevent the loss of nutrients, especially moisture in the body.

Hard to rub with a bath towel will destroy this layer of protective film. If you wash your fingers after rubbing the skin can hear the creak sound, it shows excessive scrub.

It is recommended to gently scrub with a soft sponge dip shower gel, only in elbows, knees and other cuticle thick parts of the bath towel can be used.

Do not lock the door

For cardiovascular patients, do not lock the bathroom door, in case of danger, can not be rescued in time.

When changing clothes, the temperature is too low

From high temperatures, suddenly came to a place where the temperature is low, and there is no warm clothing on the body, which causes the blood vessels to contract cold and blood pressure, thus aggravating the burden on the heart.

To do a good job of warm-keeping, bath out, more than a towel, or in the bathroom in advance for good clothes. If necessary, should use electrical heating or Yuba appliances.

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