Artificial spider silk

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Airbus is understood to have formed a partnership with German manufacturer AMSilk. AMSilk, which claims to be the first industrial supplier of synthetic spider silk biopolymers, created Biosteel through experiments designed to mimic the flexibility and incredible strength of spider silk. The closed-loop bacterial fermentation process that produces biosteel requires neither fossil fuels nor high temperatures, and is both energy efficient and sustainable. Jens foss, chief executive of AMSilk Jens Klein said AMSilk will work closely with airbus to develop a composite material made of bio-steel and resins, which they hope will debut in 2019.

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Biosteel, which was used to make a biodegradable adidas sneaker, has been hotly debated for the past few years. Sportswear companies are rushing to buy the material because of its lightweight and durable properties, and Stella McCartney, a fashion designer with an abiding sense of sustainability, has applied it to her products. In addition, AMSilk has a partnership with a health company that is using biosynthetic silk produced by AMSilk to develop a safer medical implant coating because the material is made from natural proteins that are more acceptable to the human body.

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But extending the use of biosynthetic filaments from fashion and medicine to aircraft manufacturing is still a huge leap forward. The exact timing of the actual application of biosteel to aircraft manufacturing is unclear, as it depends on the material making process and so on, but airbus appears eager to demonstrate that the aviation industry can use more sustainable materials for aircraft manufacturing.

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"Airbus has been looking for a new material," klein said. Carbon fibre is light but brittle and not easily bent. Aircraft and other flying objects require a material that is both flexible and strong, which is currently unavailable to the industry. But biosteel fits the bill. Spider silk-like fibers are more malleable and can be seamlessly woven into unconventional shapes, such as shoes, which could also drive innovation in aircraft construction.

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For AMSilk, this cooperation also represents a significant expansion of its business scope. Klein said: "for us, composite material is a new field, but we know how to develop fiber, we are now with composite material technology, the partnership shows this innovative material application range of wide: biodegradable sneakers represents the fashion and clothing industry though a small but important change; The application of such innovative materials for sustainable production to the aviation industry will help promote the aviation industry to improve production efficiency and meet environmental requirements.

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