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500 Startups is ramping up its next batch of companies in its early-stage startup program, which this time consists of 36 startups.

The firm’s pitch to companies entering the accelerator has generally been that it can better help support growth and marketing efforts. So a lot of the companies you’ll find in this batch are ones that align neatly with those needs, from financial tech to digital health. They’re the kinds of businesses that may look better at scale, but need help getting off the ground.

This one might be an awkward one, though. Frontman Dave McClure, known to show up to demo days with costumes and generally running around, resigned from the firm after admitting to “multiple” advances toward women and being a “creep.” This time around, McClure will likely be somewhat of a specter as the company closes in on its next demo day.

Still, time marches on. Here’s the list of companies participating in the most recent batch:

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Agentbong — A home care marketplace in Asia that helps families hire qualified and trustworthy caregivers.

Botsociety — A design tool for previewing, prototyping and testing conversational interfaces.

COR — project management software for helping professional services firms increase profitability by intelligently optimizing project costs and cash flows.

Core Labs — Helps knowledge workers early in their career access mentorship, build a reputation and unlock the value of their professional connections with goal-oriented “micro-networks.”

Cryptomover — Developing index funds to allow investors to diversify their crypto portfolios with minimal time and effort.

As a full service online Digital agencywith over 10years of experience in Hong Kong,delivers insightful marketing solutions through search engine marketing, social media management and other useful tools.

curio.io — Listen to curated, professionally narrated articles from premium publications like The Financial Times, The Guardian and Aeon at home or on the go.

Cushion — Trains bots to fight bank fees on customers’ behalf.

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