The lesson of the Greek crisis

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One of the reasons why the Greek debt default caused so much turmoil in the international financial order is that there are other European Union countries that have a similar situation to Greece's - universal welfare. Questioning the "universal welfare" is surely the same as in Greece's referendum on the debt default crisis, which will be opposed by most, if not most, of the country's people. And the vast majority of those who oppose the mainland's sense of "universal welfare" may also be based on personal gains and losses. The author has no doubt that the universal democratic civilization is the sign of human civilization and the orientation of human civilization in the future society. However, while pursuing such democratic civilization, we must also pay attention to avoiding the disadvantages of such democratic civilization. Make Chinese contribution to the perfection of human democratic civilization.

In today's highly developed human civilization, the awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of the development of civilization is increasingly in contrast with the awareness ability of the public. What most people choose is not necessarily the most correct and reasonable choice. The Greek referendum on the default is a reminder of this grim problem.

Ideology is not discussed in this paper. But the Greek ideology and the Chinese mainland people's ideology is indeed the intersection. It is under this intersect ideology that the two ancient nations have formed the concept of "high welfare for all". The difference is that the greeks, with the help of western democratic civilization, have temporarily achieved this "social welfare" wish. But although the Greek civilization is the origin of the western democratic civilization, it cannot avoid the disadvantages brought by the ideological intersection between the two ancient peoples.

The planned economy of public ownership has been proved to be a failed economic model against humanity at great cost to mankind. Especially, the Chinese and Russian people (Soviet union) are in great pain. The illusions of humanity built on this economic foundation were eventually dispelled, but the poison of the idea was not entirely eradicated from the popular consciousness of both nations. The matter of today's people can not be said, the matter of Russia is left to the "big brother" to feel it. "Big brother" will choose to pay a heavy price for their great power feelings again, the eventful Chinese mainland people are not qualified to study. Let's study the significance of "the intersection of Chinese and Greek ideologies" to two ancient nations.

The state - owned economy is a phenomenon in today's world including many mature capitalist countries. It is even complementary to the capitalist market economy to some extent. However, the proportion of state-owned enterprises in the national economy is not large, and does not affect the market economic order dominated by private ownership. Can and some countries in eu countries like Greece, by "the ideology of overlap" concept, the proportion of state-owned enterprises in the national economy is higher, even higher than mainland China after the reform and opening to the outside world, enough to affect the market economic order, causes to the healthy development of market economy, to make economic development more and more ways.
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