moments of our existence

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wherever you are. And whoever you maybe there is one thing in which you and I are just alike at this moment.And in all the moments of our existence, we are not at rest. We are on a journey. Our life is not a mere fact. It is a movement, a tendency steady, ceaseless progress towards an unseen goal. We are gaining something or losing something every day, even when our position and our character seem to remain precisely the same. They are changing for the mere advance of time is a change. It is not the same thing to have a bare field in january and in july. The season makes the difference, the limitations that are childlike in the child, a childish in a man, everything that we do is a step in one direction or another. Even the failure to do something is in itself a deed. It sets us forward or backward.

The action of the negative pole of a magnetic needle is just as real as the action of the positive pole to decline is to accept the other alternative. Are you nearer to your part today than you were yesterday? Yes, you must be a little nearer to some port or other for since your ship was first launched upon the sea of life, you have never been still for a single moment.The sea is too deep. You could not find a language if you would. There can be no pause until you come into port in solution. Woman, megan, who also had shanghai down the loop, kung fu yang, feng jing, he end up uh younger in show we are on a journey. They just uh, new shinto, you know, the maker. And again, she make a team. So so you can tell we sent on the network. You look so life. Former wu has high society who say money english me and forty male you jump movie design on changing the tao. Bo hu lin xin xiang, she was a changing john put on a show which and so shall we take weight, shall we sin? So danny tangle a city country. Maybe the forty is an asian eating quickly seat and you can come by.

So you're an int, you would have hoping the shin be born funny town dollar jeep in the machine. Quick about to eat element two in with her temple on either cost you the winner hype indeed said not to watch interaction that how should the phone from casual dollar ping one who c sine and haunting been you've been you could I mean by why you know what roots attention hoarder lose my heart to me can can continue. And you you indian tights. If you don't work out, you will think that this is the whole world you will need to to to toto nie way that you should temper city. You can either travel or read, but either your body or your soul must be on the way. Tell me new sing number two, shoe sent equaling one be feeling because I loser then he paints finish until she touch or xing plan to sing. You sing, I tungar she ancient, I show you when I do my one was a tory. Thank you for your listening. C next time. Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, yeah. Uh, yeah, uh uh the yeah, uh, the living every single day, but times fierce hope to find a little peace of mind just to and to the he'those tiny broken hearts and wheat be very small making where you start dreams so far away from home and so far away from home.

All my life, all the time. So far away from home with be so far away people if we could make it through the darkest night we have the bride the world see be job ready and you want to staythose tiny broken hearts we to be where is the key way of stars? I dreams and that's follow a home in so far away from home all my life all the time. So far the need to be I can the on you, no matter what they say, can can fine. I did to be the baby, okay, here, those tiny broken hearts and wheat. Oh, yeah. The monkey, jeez, the the the the the the following. In dreams far away from home, so far away from all my life all the time. So far away from home without you will be so value away from home.

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