a restricted number of licences were dispersed

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4 reasons Hong Kong’s mega bridge to Macau isn't any white elephant but a feat of eyesight

With all due respect, I think that Mr Stubbs is lacking the forest for your trees. When I do agree with Mr Stubbs that there's not but substantial non-public targeted visitors on the bridge, just one has got to keep in mind
that a restricted number of licences were dispersed. You could recall a similar arrangement was created for the opening of Tai Kwun to guarantee crowd regulate, however it is now open up to absolutely everyone - and common
attendance is evidence of its good results. From the scenario with the bridge, these kinds of management is far more crucial, presented the fact that some of the automobiles are allowed to circulate in yet another city, when Macau and Hong Kong are
previously highly congested. We evidently wanted a “trial-based” approach plus the governments were clever enough to adopt it.

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Next, Mr Stubbs is disregarding the constructive outcomes of public transportation to the bridge, which diverts a lot of targeted visitors with the ferries, which at its peak is unsustainable. I go to Hong Kong on a weekly
foundation, commonly by ferry, and also have noticed a substantial advancement within this regard.

Thirdly, Macau and Hong Kong are not by any evaluate self-sufficient but depend substantially on neighbouring locations for necessary merchandise. Shortening the journey time involving Hong Kong and Zhuhai from 4 hours
to half-hour goes a lengthy way with this regard.

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Authorities ought to act before mega-bridge vacationers group locals out KO Lap kwong David

Last but not least, we can not hope to foster the “Greater Bay Area” idea without having suitable infrastructure and simple transport to aid the stream of individuals and goods. Financial investment without having immediate return is
needed - it is actually what one particular calls eyesight.

Jose Alvares, Macau


any white elephant but a feat of eyesight

4 explanations Hong Kong’s mega bridge

Macau is no white elephant but a feat

When I do agree with Mr Stubbs

I think that Mr Stubbs is missing 

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