Iceland is actually a miniature with the jeremesne peninsula

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The past flight from Munich to Hamburg to reykjavik, the money of Iceland, arrived just after 1 a.m., having a bright moon slanting from the sky along with the most important and roundest supermoon of 2014. But let us at that time the bone-chilling chilly wind exterior the airport straight away comprehended, Iceland's "cold", even in the summer months night time temperature is just about 2 , from heat continental Europe, this is certainly truly make men and women tough to adapt to chilly.

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It was late at nighttime, only some avenue lights outdoors the airport, but fortunately there was a brilliant moon to guidebook just how, we pushed the baggage cart about three hundred meters to locate the car rental stage on the remaining side on the airport, due to the fact there was a reservation online beforehand, so we did the vehicle rental methods promptly, following obtaining the automobile straight away within the vast darkness to reykjavik downtown ran. It was about 50 minutes' push within the airport for the downtown spot. At first, it absolutely was practically 3 o 'clock in the morning, so we did not e book a hotel for tonight. Immediately after arriving during the metropolis, we stopped outside a 24-hour supermarket. We speedily went into the grocery store and purchased some dry food stuff. We curled up within the vehicle and rested for more than 2 several hours.

At 6 o 'clock each morning, just after dawn, the attractive reykjavik slowly grew to become obvious. We can not bear the joy on the temper, the official departure from the clockwise tour across the island.

The 1st day's travel is from reykjavik to buzhadarul by using the snaishan peninsula. The whole journey is about 450 kilometers, which has a emphasis about the Sn snes peninsula. The vehicle together the road on the northwest direction, no. one freeway one is Iceland only a street round the island, even though only two lanes, but early in the morning the motor vehicle hardly ever, the pace is essentially involving 80 ~ 100 km, the many way wander every one of the way to stop together the way, bathed within the dawn of quiet attractiveness appeared 1 by 1, the fantasy of your desolate mountains, limpid vibrant static, lakes, broad inexperienced prairie carefree and leisurely Iceland ma... Lake light-weight mountain colour, zhaoxia pan gold, accompanied by orange sunshine ahead, even though the temperature outside the window is rather reduced, but my heart is extremely heat. The landscape together the mount sinai peninsula changes because the wheels move forward, like experiencing a wonderful scenery XU Xin.

Mount snai peninsula is located during the western element of Iceland. It faces the brezha bay and also the walmsfjord while in the north, the fakhsa bay inside the south, as well as Borgarfjor ur valley to the left. It truly is a narrow peninsula extending from the Icelandic mainland on the north Atlantic ocean. You will discover alpine lakes, glaciers, volcanoes, cliffs, inexperienced tundra... The surroundings is wonderful and assorted, showing just about all the miracles of geology and landform in Iceland, which can be often called the "miniature of Iceland". Its breathtaking purely natural elegance has produced it the 1st licensed "green earth zone" in Iceland and perhaps in Europe. In his popular ebook a journey for the centre on the earth, the famed French science fiction author Jules verne likened the mount snaifi volcano around the snaishan peninsula to a gateway on the middle of the earth.

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