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What to do in Guangzhou - skiing, purchasing and opera a brief train ride from Hong Kong

An ideal overnighter, Guangdong’s cash is continually including to its attraction, most notably while using the opening of the indoor snow park in June

If year-round wintertime sporting activities do not charm, there exists however a lot to eat, see and do inside the metropolis

Guangzhou's cityscape at sunset. From purchasing to snow, the southern Chinese town has everything, just fifty minutes via high-speed rail from Hong Kong. photograph: Shutterstock

What far better explanation to nip as many as Guangzhou than to get a place of skiing? Come this June, Hong Kong’s Huge Brother repositions by itself - no less than, which is the system - given that the year-round winter sports activities capital from the glorious Bigger Bay Spot inside the shape from the Guangzhou Sunac Cultural Tourism Town, in Huadu district.

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Take that, Ski Dubai!

And it ain’t just skiing. The complex is slated to incorporate a heated h2o park, mammoth sporting activities facilities and these kinds of cultural features like a buying centre and bar road at the same time as lodges and “theatres for showbiz”.

Needless to say, China is plagued by the whitening skeletons of deserted topic parks - Wonderland (really) outside the house Beijing is considered the most infamous instance, and there’s probably 1 named Ozymandias - but Sunac’s arrival does suggest that Guangzhou’s has somewhat far more to shout about than in previous many years and - say “Hi, speed rail” - is now truly that small bit closer.

In which to remain

The exhibition corridor in the one hundred and twenty fifth China Import and Export Reasonable, aka the Canton Fair, a emphasize on Guangzhou’s functions calendar. picture: Xinhua


The latest edition with the Canton Reasonable (China’s oldest, biggest, zaniest) shuddered into a shut on May possibly five as well as very last with the 200,000 or so dazed and really maybe satisfied delegates will probably be wending their way dwelling. This sort of business travellers, and numerous of them unexpectedly, receive the accommodation they ought to have - variously large, or bland or very best averted by any one in town to accomplish anything other than purchase, promote or enjoy let’s-pretend.

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Three potential alternatives - each on the small side and yet enough of an individual to be able to look its larger rivals squarely from the eye - include the splendidly named Dragon Lake princess Hotel, with Mitteleuropean-cum-Disneyfied architecture and an 18-hole golf system; planet Hotel, which sports an imaginative crisp and modern design; and - perhaps the greatest with the bunch as far as parents with kids in tow are concerned - Likto Hotel, which furnishes its family rooms with cartoon designs and toys. Nightly rates for this trio run from just over US$60 to about US$100.

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Exactly where to shop

It’s not too far from the truth to say that buying in Guangzhou has almost become a parody of by itself: market, mall, a lot more of the same, mmmm ….

Sidestepping the frenzy, the city’s arts scene is very best explored not so much at glittery edifices this kind of as K11 (cousin of the Hong Kong edition) but fairly somewhere like Kui Yuan Gallery, in Dongshan, 1 from the city’s older districts. The current “Eyes on Fire” exhibition runs till the end of the month and features works in a variety of media by Xu Weibo, a single of China’s foremost experimental artists.

What to consume

Even for those familiar with Cantonese fare, Guangdong's funds has much to tantalise the taste buds. Image: Shutterstock


One of Guangzhou’s best-established tour companies, Wai Zhou’s Eating Adventures, does pretty much what you’d expect. US$70 buys just under five hours’ food safari during the Liwan location, house to dumplings, roast duck, all sorts of freshly baked pastries - in brief, the whole nine yards of Cantonese chow. There could be no better advert for what’s in store than the website’s picture of a grinning wet market trader, his hands grappling with a crustacean and his teeth clenched over a cigarette.

Travellers who’ve skipped the prologue, foreword, introduction and acknowledgements with the extensive (imaginary) tome titled Canton’s Finest Scoff will already be heading for these kinds of revered establishments since the vegetarian Bingsheng Zen Tea House in Xiaogang park, the old-school Dian Dou De (two words: egg tarts) or Liwan Mingshijia, which does a mildly erotic wonton noodle soup. These three are effectively on the beaten/eaten track, but there is good reason their tables are rarely empty and diners are focused on their plates.

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