How does the digital marketing strategy in the age of algorithms take advantage of the trend

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The progress and iteration of technology are constantly playing a role in the formulation and implementation of digital marketing strategies, and for the professionals in the field of digital marketing, how to catch up with the trend of the marketing industry, combined with the industry's advanced technology to develop their own marketing plans?

For digital marketing, content marketing has become an unavoidable topic, so whether advertisers can keep the content marketing strategy and their own strategic goals has become the most important. But focusing on content doesn't mean focusing on the "quantity" of content more than the "quality" of content. Based on the trend of the past few years, more and more brand owners have prioritized relevance, depth and value to users.

Marketing automation can better facilitate the formulation and implementation of digital strategies by providing users with a highly relevant user experience. In addition, marketing automation can greatly improve the efficiency of email marketing and social media marketing, which is why more than 55% of B2B companies choose to use marketing automation.

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The advantages of marketing automation include improving social user experience, automatically placing ads based on specific scenarios, integrating into CRM systems, and managing and optimizing traffic, data, and processes. Needle brand main different needs, from the contact with the user to the implementation of the specific method of the target, marketing automation tools can be customized, personalized.

In the process of digital marketing, no strategy can be independent of industry trends, and each strategy is interdependent with the industry trend. In addition, as people spend more time on mobile devices, more AD spending in China will flow to digital ads on mobile devices. The integration of content, video, automation, big data and social media will make digital marketing better and better.


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