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It is found that in addition to Beijing integrated marketing, Beijing Digital Marketing is the most frequently discussed topic recently. At first, I was surprised to hear that everyone was talking about digital marketing. I did not expect that everyone is so concerned about marketing now.

This is of course a very good phenomenon. I am very glad that everyone is now consciously paying attention to things related to the Beijing brand agency operation. However, many of my friends are not very understanding, so I want to share some things I know with everyone.

Since 2013, the growth rate of Internet advertising has been increasing significantly, even exceeding the growth rate of the overall advertising market. By 2018, through some changes in daily life, we can also see that Internet advertising has become one of the main delivery methods for advertisers.

In addition, we also find that the ecology of digital marketing is constantly improving. In the past ten years, the overall size of China's advertising market has grown nearly four times, but Internet advertising has grown by 17.6 times.

According to data from the State Administration of Market Supervision, in 2008, the market size of China's advertising industry was 204.1 billion, and by 2018 it was 799.148 billion, of which Internet advertising revenue reached 369.4 billion yuan, accounting for 46.2% of the overall advertising revenue.

Therefore, from the statement of the appeal, it is not difficult to know why Beijing's digital marketing is getting more and more attention. Because the high-speed development has excellent advertising effectiveness, of course, it is highly sought after by everyone.

However, in the face of such an emerging marketing method, how should we do it? Although I have read some books on this issue, the paper will eventually become shallow and I never know how to do it. Therefore, I will not show off the knowledge in the book. I have found a person who is very powerful in Beijing's network generation operation-the person in charge of Beijing Yiqi Xuan.

It sounds easy but that’s not true unless you keep reading and know about You Find Limited, who will increase the traffic to your website by 104% or higher with YouFind SEO service.

The person in charge of Yiqixuan Integrated Marketing Agency told us that the development of digital marketing not only affects the marketing process, but also reversely changes the business models of different industries, thereby forming an Internet-driven digital economy. The data shows that as of 2018 In China, the scale of China's digital economy reached 31 trillion, accounting for one third of the GDP.

youfind consultants are passionate marketers that delivers online solutions by providing smart thinking and smart strategies that are most suitable for you to increase the sales and leads. In this internet era, digital marketing has never been so important to a business as the Internet is entwined with everything we do.

Therefore, it is difficult for the average person to accurately grasp the trend of digital marketing, so that it can promote product marketing well. This is why Beijing's network operation is so hot these years. Because everyone knows that this thing makes money, but they can't do very well, they can only find professional people to help.

You’ve just found yourself a solution - the youfind digital marketing Services. They’d help you optimize to maximize, using the internet and other online digital technologies, making you appear on platforms you couldn’t imagine.

I have to say that finding professional people to help with digital marketing is really a cost-effective choice, because we only need to spend a small amount of money to get a very significant marketing effect. If you do it yourself, it will often lead to unsatisfactory efforts, wasting your energy for nothing, and not half the effect of others.

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