Impact on technology startups in the field of live events

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As part of the "Information Age" coronavirus diary series, Fred Krefting, co-founder and chief operating officer of You Check, discusses how pandemics affect their business, as well as future challenges and opportunities for strategy re-engineering. Read here

In terms of personnel, we know that some governments will take decisive action, while others will not (their guidelines may change), and official guidelines will often lag behind the “field situation”.

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We also realize that everyone is using incomplete information. With the safety of employees first, we are ready to show overreaction (compared to underreaction and underpreparation), so we have implemented some measures to try and stay ahead of the virus, which is usually stricter than the local regulations-please note that the virus does Do n’t warn you about their travel plans, or respect the borders.

A great hospital will swell, but only if you can enter the hospital-it is best to avoid getting infected first. We initially enacted a flight ban, steadily expanded coverage, and began testing our IT infrastructure to support remote work, while increasing the frequency of deep cleaning of our facilities.

At the same time, other regions, such as the United States and Europe, are beginning to be affected locally by coronaviruses, slowing the speed of discussions and reducing external visitors.

We set up a Covid-19 task force with members from human resources, IT, facilities, internal communications, legal and organizational development. It distributes local government guidance (working closely with the local management team) to various jurisdictions where Imagination operates, and prepares the organization for global remote work.

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