Understand the basic functions of integrated circuits

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The integrated circuit is often the core of each unit circuit in the circuit diagram and plays a major role in the unit circuit. From the picture, some unit circuits are composed of one or several integrated circuits and the necessary peripheral components. To understand such a circuit diagram, the key is to understand and master the basic functions of the integrated circuit at the core position, as a breakthrough to analyze the working principle of the entire circuit.

There are many varieties of integrated circuits and different functions, especially for radio and electronics enthusiasts who lack information and experience. It is not easy to grasp the functions of integrated circuits in circuit diagrams. However, the basic functions of the integrated circuit can be clarified by understanding the function of the circuit, searching for data, and analyzing the interface.

Judge the function of the integrated circuit according to the function of the unit circuit

Generally speaking, the integrated circuit is the core of the unit circuit, and the function of the unit circuit is mainly realized and completed by the integrated circuit. Therefore, based on the tasks undertaken by the unit circuit and the role it plays, the basic functions of the integrated circuit that plays a core role in the unit circuit can be roughly judged.

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Generally, in a more complete circuit diagram, each integrated circuit model will be marked. According to the model provided by the circuit diagram, you can find out the basic functions of these integrated circuits and other related data by referring to the technical information such as the manual of the integrated circuit.

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