The goal of SEO optimization strategy change

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If you want the editor to know more about SEO content, summarizing the keyword base of the website is the most intimate move for him. Of course, this close relationship also makes the website easier to optimize. Maybe some novices will ask: "How can we find more suitable and accurate keywords?" Just like the previous traffic analysis, it will help you find keywords. As new keywords are constantly added, search engines can continuously capture the website and then include more pages, which is the SEO goal of optimizing strategic changes.

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Although Baidu does have a large share of the domestic market, if the website wants to consider more traffic, then other search engines also need to be optimized. perhaps many novices think that other small search engine traffic is so small, why optimize it? Although it seems that the traffic of these search engines is very small, after all, the number of Internet users is huge, so don't underestimate these low-traffic search engines!

Basically, most website traffic comes from the more accurate long tail, so many small websites are also beginning to pay attention to this long tail method. Of course, the role of long-tail keywords is very obvious. Therefore, no matter how you optimize website content, long-tailed words, and long-tailed effects, you can't ignore it in any way.

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Today's netizens are not easy to resonate with those who have obvious advertising development, so they have studied the so-called "title party" and "story party" of many companies. They advertise in a more subtle way. From the perspective of SEO's professional technical analysis, our teachers can call similar content as link bait.

Maybe you take over the exploration of a new website and slowly understand, but the boss is the so-called desire for results, then your search engine optimization strategy is not to explore slowly, but to find those keywords that are more likely to be optimized. In layman's terms, the so-called more potential keywords are 6-10 keywords and the keywords are ranked at home in the middle of the second page. They can use less work, they can improve their ranking, and then put some traffic. This is what leaders want to see. So, you only skip optimization SEO practitioners, first focus on these keyword optimizations.

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