Médecins Sans Frontières organizes Southeast Asia Mapless Marathon

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M·decins Sans Frontires organizes Southeast Asia "Marathon without Map"

Manila, Philippines

Mapathon is an element of the organization Venture Mission Maps, which was established in 2014 to "create digital maps of "forgotten" locations around the world through crowdsourcing."

The non-governmental organization "Doctors Without Borders" (Doctors Without Borders) will hold a "Missing Map Marathon" with volunteers from all over Southeast Asia on August 1 (Saturday).

Mapathon is an element of the Project Mission Maps organization, which was proven in 2014 to "create digital maps of "forgotten" locations on Earth through crowdsourcing.

Then, you can get used to using these maps to better reduce program risks and respond to catastrophes. For spots that have never been mapped, try this method.

The marathon uses a tool called OpenStreetMap. Volunteers can rely on this tool to input comprehensive information on the map, which is then verified online by experienced remote cartographers, and then confirmed locally by volunteers.

msf hong kong started an operation soon after the COVID-19 outbreak started in the city in late January.

The company hopes to approach Nigeria this year.

It was the first to work in Nigeria after responding to the Biafra conflict in 1971. Considering this fact, the country has long served many health emergencies, including malnutrition, measles, malaria, meningitis C, cholera and direct poisoning.

The marathon is likely to be concentrated in the Niger region. According to Niger, the organization “experienced a measles outbreak and guideline exposure nearly a decade ago.”

The company mentioned: With just a few clicks and using some tags, whether you are a novice or a qualified cartographer, you can place remote communities in Nigeria on the map.

The general manager of Doctors Without Borders (Hong Kong) said: "Maps have helped us save lives. In 2014, when we used electronic maps to provide support for a systematic life-saving flow in Guinea, I witnessed the Ebola epidemic in West Africa with my own eyes."

Four cases were passed by msf hong kong police, but no one in the SAR was known to have sent money to the scammers. An investigation is now being run from Western District police station.

With the help of proper mapping, staff can help prevent the development of diseases, find individuals in quarantine areas, and provide them with drinking water, food, and professional medical services.

The project coordinator for the MSF Chad crisis response staff said: Having the truly best map has a major impact on the more effective use of our time and methods.

"We can prepare mainly based on the verified village location and make a schedule appropriately. With the correct map, our surveyors can certainly navigate the village and the selected home, making work easier and faster. "

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