What can create a great password?

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Until the last reasonable end, a good password might be a phrase or a phrase with a minimum of 6 to 8 numbers. But we now have a minimum size hint. This is due to "entropy".

When discussing passwords, entropy will be an assessment of predictability. The mathematical method behind it is not complicated, but let us analyze it in a more difficult-to-evaluate method: the number of possible passwords, sometimes often referred to as the "cryptographic space".

If a one-character password contains only a specific lowercase letter, then you will only find 26 passwords ("a" to "z"). By including capital letters, we maximize the password library to 52 possible passwords.

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Due to the increase in length and the addition of various character forms, the password space continues to develop.

Stability: Extended passwords or more complex passwords can improve the possible "password space". Extra password space means much more protected passwords
Looking at the numbers mentioned above, it is easy to understand why we encourage the use of a wide range of passwords containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. The more complex the password, the more attempts to guess the password.

That being said, the problem that depends on the complexity of the password is that computers are indeed very effective at repetitive tasks such as guessing passwords.

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Last year, a report was created for any portable computer or computer wishing to create every possible password. For each second, it reached a level much faster than the 100,000,000,000 guess.

By using this computing power, cyber criminals can hack into the device by bombarding the device with as many password combinations as possible. This method is called brute force cracking.

With cloud-based technology, it usually takes only twelve minutes to guess an eight-character password, and the price is only $25.

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In addition, the main reason is that passwords are almost always used to obtain sensitive information or key units, which prompts cybercriminals to take the initiative to find them out. In addition, it provides passwords in the online market, which brings benefits, some of which include email addresses and/or usernames.

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