Complete function move of SMT placement machine

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SMT placement machine inside of a factory in the realistic application is rather in depth, it may possibly be fully automatic intelligent pasted on a lot of the solutions, areas and factors, LED and so on numerous industries merchandise, SMT placement device need to be ways to work? SMT equipment maker briefly released.

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SMT placement device generation line

1. The PCB all set for mounting enters the conveyor belt and is also transmitted into the mounting spot throughout the conveyor belt for mounting.

2: when jogging on the SMT position, sensors detect the situation from the PCB, SMT placement device will stay in preparation for that present PCB SMT place to the reinforcement and clamped to forestall motion.

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three: SMT placement device optical positioning technique (Mark) discriminant landmark commenced to operate, to check if the latest PCB from the place of provisions, whether it is to the upcoming phase procedure, otherwise based on the coordinate system with the adjustment of operation.

Iv. Components inside the packaged feeder are transported on the specified orientation in accordance with the site parameters established through the procedure.

5: SMT placement device suction nozzle will operate, according to the method set the orientation of parts.

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6: the method from the vacuum strain sensor or photoelectric sensor to detect if the suction nozzle typical suction component.

Seven: detect the z-axis top by optical sensor or digicam (vertical position top) and choose whether the expected component is absorbed according to the part qualities. Otherwise, will probably be absorbed yet again.

eight. According to the environment on the program, the X-axis and Y-axis in the element are rotated to coincide with all the middle point, as well as suction nozzle of SMT SMT placement equipment is formally mounted.

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