Just how can we establish the quality of masks in daily life

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1, look at the product packaging, logo design

Conventional and skilled face mask product packaging info ought to generally add the manufacturer's name, tackle, setup specifications, production date and expiration date, and instructions to be used.

2. Glance at the meltblown towel

Most face masks are composed of melt-blown towel, low weaved textile, face mask belt, and nostrils clip, of which the outside and internal layers are made of no weaved fabric, and also the midst layer is dissolve-blown cloth or nanofiber composite fabric with higher filtration performance .careable mask Manufacturer. There are significant distinctions between competent masks and artificial masks within the same source of light. Even under sunlight, the qualified merchandise is not transparent whatsoever, while the face treatment pores and skin is faintly visible if the phony items are put on.

3. Electrostatic suction impact

Competent meltblown cloth for masks may go through electret process. The surface of the fiber after electret has a great deal of charges, along with the okay debris are intercepted by the electrostatic adsorption effect. Placing a competent cover up at first glance in the scraps of pieces of paper, it might be discovered that the face mask can obviously process a lot of scraps of papers, as the face mask without protecting effect will never soak up the scraps of document.


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