The way to resolve colorful lines on mobile screen?

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If there are actually shaded stripes on the screen of your cellphone, you can try to update the device variation, Sony display   affect the cable, change the screen of the mobile phone, swap the motherboard in the cellular phone, and replace the wallpapers in the cellular phone.

There are various ways to resolve the coloured lines in the cellular phone display:

1. It might be an issue with the cellular phone computer software method. We can easily make an effort to upgrade or come back the system variation of the mobile phone.

2. Additionally it is possible that the cable of the mobile phone is shattered. The cable hooking up the display screen and also the motherboard might be burnt or free. In this instance, it really is relatively simple to swap the cable tv.

3. If the motherboard of your cellular phone is broken, it will also lead to colour night clubs to show up on screen of the mobile phone, which demands changing the motherboard of your mobile phone. However, the motherboard from the cellphone is generally challenging to break.


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