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Does the Amtrak conductor get tips?

General Requirements: Tipping is not compulsory, however it is appropriate for the train's service crew. Recommendations: Attendant at the snack bar: about 10%. 15% of menu pricing in the dining car (sleeping car passengers may want to note this when ordering their meals).

Is there an audit trail for REDCap?

Every user's behavior, including the pages they visit and any context, is logged in REDCap's built-in audit trail (e.g. the project or record being accessed).

T-Mobile 5G: Is it NSA or SA?

SA is the 5G and mobile network experience of the future.

Faster than 5G NSA, is 5G SA?

Faster than 5G SA, is 5G NSA? 5G NSA is not more rapid than 5G SA. This guide explains how NSA 5G is based on a non-standalone 5G network with a base station that continues to use a 4G core. As a result, the speed is drastically decreased when compared to a pure 5G SA network that makes use of the 5G core.

Where can I find mmWave on T-Mobile?

The millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency that T-Mobile would be using was not specified in the company's press release, but a spokesman indicated it will be at 39 GHz in Las Vegas and 28 GHz in the other areas. Additionally, maps of the six cities-Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York-were published.

Can I use REDCap on my phone?

On smaller devices like tablets and phones, these bigger, improved buttons make it simpler to complete surveys and enter data.

Why does LTE appear on my 5G phone?

Your iPhone automatically switches to LTE when 5G speeds don't offer a markedly better experience, conserving battery life.

Is 7G available in any nations?

Exists a 7G network? That level of internet technology, whether it be 5G or 7G, is still relatively uncommon in the majority of the world. At the moment, we can see that only Norway offers its citizens speeds of 7G or even 8G. (keep in mind that we are talking about 11 Gigabits per second here).

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What makes 5G and 5G NR different from one another?

The new inactive state introduced by 5G NR speeds up an edge device's transition into and out of its connected state (the state used for transmission), improving responsiveness.

What is a REDCap query?

Looking up Records To add or edit records, click. Choose the field you wish to search on using the dropdown. Any area of your research can be searched. What you wish to look for should be entered into the Search Query area. A list of potential records will emerge as you write. Choose the relevant file.

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