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It has been a long time I have not written English Reviews to you all.

( Mainly because of too much workload and lots of blog passages to go. )

Today, I would like to share Karen Murrell's True Miracle: Intense Balm.

It is a highly recommended product and it is just marvelous.

At the beginning, thanks to MyLuxBox, I got a chance to have to meet this product.

Please forgive that I did not know about this brand before.

( This product is coming soon to Hong Kong. )

I can't wait to share to this wonderful product!

About Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm :

Karen Murrell True Miracle Intense Balm is a product of nature and it is made with organic beeswax, honey and cocoa butter. True Miracle is 99.8% certified organic by ECOCERT and OFC Organic Food Chain.

It is a multipurpose balm, it means you can apply it on different areas of your body.

For my first usage, I have applied it as my "Nose" Rescuer.

The intention making me to write this passage is that I have got a sneezing nose and I have been sneezed for a whole day. My nose got hurt :(

I found Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm in MyLuxBox and try to apply it on my nose area and see whether it helps to make my nose feel better.

Originally, I afraid it would be too oily and its ingredients are quite in nature. However, after applying Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm , my nose instantly feel relaxed and pain is no longer appeared.

Added to this, Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm will turn the balm into oil and will be absorbed by skin. It is just amazing and how superb it is ! :P

My second usage, it should be my elbows , arms.

It also made me think that I should share this product with you all. As my elbows, arms always lie or stressed on the working desk, my elbows are just like damaged. It is dry and ugly in appearance.

I have tried different kinds of body lotion and hand cream on this area, but it is not working effectively. I tried to apply some Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm on my elbows area, the effect are just as normal at the very beginning. The results becomes significant after several hours and after my bath.

My elbows area have greatly improved and no longer feeling dry. Through it looks a bit ugly, but the change in texture of this ugly elbow area is very significant. The texture of the elbow area is very smooth and quite soft .

Lastly, I recommend using it on the lips area.

It can be applied as lip gloss. Applying a thin layer of Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm and you can feel the balm is melting and protecting your lips from dryness.

All in all, Thanks to MyLuxBox and I could have an opportunity to meet Karen Murrell and try its True Miracle: Intense Balm. The feeling on this product is really doing well and it does better than I think.

I hope I would have chances to try more Karen Murrell Products! : P

Keep in touch and thanksgiving today!

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